Oct 13



I have taken the time to create our league’s own spreadsheet of ratings updates. I hope to be able to do this weekly. The first one is based on the WEEK 6 update listed on the EA website. It took me a few hours but I think it was well worth it for the enjoyment of our league.

Things you need to now BEFORE you click on the link below.

(a) Look for the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Players are arranged first by position relative to the rest of the VMFL and by individual teams.

(b) I have only added the players and ratings affected by the update.

(c) The ratings are colour coded, meaning, if you see a number in GREEN, that means your players rating INCREASED that week. If you see a number in RED, that means your player’s rating has DECREASED that week.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me on my cell please. Thanks. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW IN RED.