Nov 02



Bears Trounce Cowboys 32-13

In Spooktacular Fashion



With multiple delays , technical glitches and interruptions of trick- or- treaters  at Soldier Field ,the Cowboys and Bears finally kicked off shortly after 9:00pm on Monday night. The Patriots scouting team reported “ Geez, I thought we were going to have to pack up the bags and this be a wasted trip.” “ Never  in my life have I seen so much disarray at a stadium …..well ,maybe it does not rank up there with last week being at the AT&T Stadium ha ha.”


The Cowboys looked to control this game early on with a long 8 minute match down  to the Bears 2 yd line but then failed to punch it in , having to settle for a field goal. “ Bad play call by me “ cited Coach Jason Garrett in the post-game report. The Bears quickly answered with a touchdown and never looked back. A pivotal last minute drive before the half  with a ‘cheesy’ screen pass  play  once again going for a TD ,really put the dagger in this one. As the blast of Michael Jackson’s  Thriller video sounded across  the Soldier Field Jumbotron  , heads  dropped in disbelief as some Cowboy fans began to reflect “ We play them so damn tough and then have moments where we just collapse” “ This team needs to get over that mental block and just play the game like they are capable of doing.”

 After two straight devastating losses, it was not only the Cowboys who are licking their wounds once again. The Bears lost three more players to injuries again this week and need a quick remedy for this plague. “If we  continue like this , it will be our practice squad guys leading us into the playoffs” commented  Coach Ditka.” Please let the bleeding stop…!”


The Bears will examine their susceptibility to injuries. Is it just bad luck, the  field conditions or poor conditioning and flexibility ……….one just spins the wheel and asks why? “ If you check off the common nfl injuries, I think that we have close to all of them” stated an emotional Derrick Johnson. “ Hopefully I will be back in time for the playoffs as projected but yah, this is tough man” “Too many players standing on the sidelines would make any team feel vulnerable.”

If the Cowboys did not believe in monsters during  Halloween , they  certainly will after this night.

 “ Things that they do are unorthodox and other things very predictable ( in reference to multiple screen plays)” “ Sometimes all you can do is bend over , tell them to take it easy on you and not to run up the score” stated the disturbed Cowboy Owner Abernathy

RB Demarco Murray catches up with WR Mike Wallace following the game. RB Murray commented to reporter Lyndsey Petruny “It was nice to an ole’ teammate get back on a team and he will probably get a chance to play next week with Odell being out for them” He gave no response as to why the Cowboys listed him as (LE)Demarcus Lawrence in the game program. Could there be possible transaction idea in the mix?? Time will tell!