Mar 13



I have done a lot of thinking over the last month or so. Because I have put so much into this league and enjoy the comradery, I will finish out Season 19 on a trial basis. However, there are some changes that need to be made for my personal sanity that are non-negotiable. If the following is acceptable to all, then I can go forward, if not, I will simply have to step away again.

1) WEEKLY GAME NIGHTS- To simplify this process…

STEP 1: McDowell contacts his opponent by Sunday evening (or earlier) each week, sets a game night, time and location, lets us know if his house is open for a doubleheader (if his game is in Coldbrook that week) by posting on website under the proper weekly tab.

STEP 2: I will contact everyone else and set up the other 2 games.

My main goal each week is to avoid 3 game nights for me personally, nothing more, nothing less.

2) WEEKLY ROSTER CHANGES- Everyone must post any and all roster moves each week under the appropriate Weekly tab. If it is Week #8, then post all your business under the Week #8 tab. This way I do not have to check Facebook, my personal email, phone calls or texts.

The above process is not difficult. I have zero interest in going backward or playing a watered down version of what has been built in this league. Make it a point to master the website and basic league processes and all will be fine. I set everything up for you on the weekly tabs to make this easy. Check in with me on Sundays or I will text you to remind you. Just like Bill Belichick always says, “Just do YOUR job. Don’t worry about the other guy beside you.” ~Bill

If we can all agree with the above and live with it, then I will finish out the season and re-evaluate my future in the off-season.

All league members are welcome to contact me starting today (Monday) and we can start talking about making arrangements to finish out Season 19. God, give me the strength.