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DATE: To Be Determined

LOCATION: To Be Determined

Things we need to bring for Free Agent night.



*Trenten- APPLE TV

Rules and Regulations

***Remember, all teams must cut down to 53 players (Not including Practice Squad Players) BEFORE The Devastator.

1.) Restricted Free Agents (RFA’s)- Owners of these players DO NOT BID for his services. Only the teams that he DOES NOT PLAY FOR bid. His current team’s GM either matches the winning bid or he lets that player go to his new team.

2.) Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA’s)- ALL OWNERS bid for these players. Current team’s owner does not have the right of first refusal and must outbid all other teams to win that player’s services.

Bidding Process

1.) The 30 Free Agents up for bidding will be “put in a hat” and selected at RANDOM.

2.) When a player is brought up for bidding, all GM’s must submit a Bidding Card even if it is a bid of ZERO years. No other owner should see any other bids before they submit their own. Once all bids have been passed in, the team that bid the highest amount of years wins the rights to that player (Unrestricted Free Agent). If said player is a Restricted Free Agent, then the winning bidder only gets that player if that player’s current team decides not to match the offer.

3.) If there is a TIE for the winning bid, the following process will take place…

(a) Each GM will submit a YES or NO card to The Commissioner meaning that they are still interested in bidding for this player or no they are not. If both GM’s submit YES, then the bidding will continue. Each GM then submits another bid. If at any time, BOTH OWNERS submit a NO card, then the bidding STOPS…and a dice roll occurs between the 2 owners with the HIGHEST ROLL (two 6 sided dice) winning that player.

(b) If there are more than two (2) teams tied for the winning bid the tie-breaker only differs in that if a GM declares he is OUT of the bidding and 2 other teams submit YES, then that GM is out of the running for that player. The two remaining bidders would then continue bidding until one owner submitted a higher value or BOTH owners submitted NO CARDS…then a dice roll would occur to see who won that player.


*When two or more GM’s have tied for the highest bid, and both or all GM’s submit a NO card, then the bidding stops and the dice roll or hat draw takes place immediately. This is to avoid bidding wars with “no way out” for unwilling teams.

Case in point last season was FS Kerry Rhodes. Two teams tied for a winning bid but neither wanted to go on further. However, they were both forced to keep bidding higher even though neither wanted that player. This amendment is a safeguard to this happening again. However, an owner must not ASSUME that the other GM will submit a NO CARD nor communicate in any way. The Commissioner has brought this up for your benefit and to avoid any league hostilities. However, if any “Monkey Business” should take place with this amendment, then we will go back to the old way.

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