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The following is the game night checklist. If you go through this in order you will have zero problems.

1. Load Playbooks/Game Roster File (MASTER17VMFL)- I will upload the Game Roster file to MADDEN SHARE ONLINE. Go to DOWNLOAD COMMUNITY FILES-ROSTERS and scroll to look for the file entitled MASTER17VMFL.

2. 46 Man Active Roster- Check website for updated 46 Active Lineups (SCHEDULE- WEEK 1 etc.)

(a) Any changes from last week? Players not already on your roster may be scattered all throughout the roster file, so if you are looking to add a player, it’s best to go to PLAYER MANAGEMENT-ALL NFL and sort by POSITION to find him.

(b) Anyone “playing hurt”? Refer to PLAYER REPORTS- INJURIES section of website to adjust a player’s rating that week based on his position…EDIT PLAYER..-7 points in each category. Remember, if you play a player “hurt”, if he is injured in ANY way (Low, Medium, High) during the game, he remains injured for the following week.

(c) DEPTH CHART– Make any changes now.

3. EMPTY PLAYERS– Once you have decided on your 46 Active players for the game…you must make sure you have the following amount of players at each position…(This is where you add empty players to make up any shortcomings. THIS IS DONE IN THE PLAYERS MANAGEMENT SCREEN BEFORE YOU ENTER THE CHOOSE TEAM SCREEN!. (If you do not do this, then some positions may be immune from injury.)

QB- 4

HB- 5

FB- 2

TE- 4

WR- 6

All Offensive Line Positions- 3

RE- 3

LE- 4

DT- 5


MLB- 3


CB- 6

FS- 3

SS- 3

K- 2

P- 2

4. VIDEO CAMERA– Make sure you center the camera and ZOOM in. You can zoom in further than you think for best results in YouTube. PAUSE AND RESTART THE CAMERA AT HALFTIME.

5. SETTINGS– Please refer to GAME PLAY-GAME SETTINGS ON WEBSITE (Player Skill +  Computer Skill) and load them in for both teams before kickoff. It will save time if you PRE-LOAD and SAVE these settings on your hard drive.

6. 2 MINUTE WARNING– Check and write down INJURIES and their lengths.

7. END OF GAME– If there were any injuries in the last 2 minutes/Overime, check the injuries again.

(a) STATS– Pause the camera at the end of the game.


(b) Scroll RIGHT and SORT (square button) in each category. Then, scroll DOWN in each category until you there are no stats/zeroes. When doing DEFENSIVE STATS, start with TOTAL TACKLES.

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