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This season we are paring down to NFL standards regarding Game Day Lineups. Each game you are allowed to dress 46 players. With that we must have MINIMUMS at each position. The following is a list of the minimum dressed players at each position. I am also including a link to an article that will help you make decisions on who to put on your 46 man game day roster.

NOTE: Madden requires a different minimum at each position, and I will fill those empty spots with empty players. It will be up to you to communicate/set up your DEPTH CHART before each game so that these “empty” rated players do not show up on the field during a game.

Quarterback- 2
Halfback- 3
Fullback- 1
Wide Receiver- 4
Tight End- 2
Offensive Line- 6 (Any combination of Tackles, Guards and Centers that equals 6)
Defensive End- 3
Defensive Tackle- 3
Outside Linebacker- 4
Middle Linebacker- 2
Cornerback- 4
Safety- 3 (Any combination of SS and FS’s that equal 3)
Kicker- 1
Punter- 1

This breakdown means there are 40 REQUIRED positions that must be filled. That gives you 6 “extra” players that you can use to fill out your 46 player game day roster as you see fit.


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