It all started one cold, snowy afternoon in Ellershouse, NS when the VMFL’s three Founding Fathers gathered to fight boredom and decide just who was indeed the Greatest on The Grid-Iron.


#8 QB STEVE YOUNG (1994, 1998 San Francisco 49ers) 3 Finals     2 Championships    8-2 Career MVP Madden Bowl 1, 2 San Francisco 49er QB Steve Young set the standard for excellence throughout his 4 season career in the VMFL. Young led his 1994 49ers to three straight Madden Bowl Finals, including back to back titles …

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The VMFL has a strong and proud history and to support this fact, the League Statistics Office has produced several documents for everyone’s enjoyment. The first that is being released is the VMFL All-Time Leaders in every major statistical category, from individual season reviews, to individual player performance. The second document to be released will be a complete list …

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