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(1994, 1998 San Francisco 49ers)

Inducted January 17, 2011.

Inducted January 17, 2011.

3 Finals     2 Championships    8-2 Career

MVP Madden Bowl 1, 2

San Francisco 49er QB Steve Young set the standard for excellence throughout his 4 season career in the VMFL. Young led his 1994 49ers to three straight Madden Bowl Finals, including back to back titles in Seasons 1 and 2. Young’s knack for the dramatic is also unparalleled in league history, bringing his squad back from a 24-10 deficit with just over 4 minutes left in Madden Bowl 1 to win it in overtime vs the 1992 Dallas Cowboys. Young also engineered a 28-2 masterpiece in Madden Bowl 2 over the mighty 1985 Chicago Bears vaunted defense, cementing his legend in the VMFL.


(1982, 1983 Washington Redskins)

Inducted August 27, 2013.

Inducted August 27, 2013.

1 Final      1 Championship      5-2 Career

MVP Madden Bowl 3

Washington Redskins QB Joe Theismann became a savior in the town of Coldbrook in one fell swoop. After 3 seasons of frustration, “Joltin'” Joe engineered the league’s biggest upset in Madden Bowl 3 by trouncing the 2 time champion ’94 SF 49ers with cold-blooded precision. Theismann set a record with 5 TD passes along with 400+ yards in the game which is still a Madden Bowl record. His career was short but impactful giving Coach McDowell his first championship along the way. Although Theismann was unceremoniously dumped in the first round of the Madden Bowl 4 tournament, Theismann’s contribution to the league’s history cannot be measured in just numbers. His arrival would shake up the VMFL landscape for seasons to come.


(1977 Oakland Raiders)


Inducted August 27, 2013.

1 Final    1 Championship

Madden Bowl Record~3 INT

Madden Bowl 3 MVP

George Atkinson was the first safety to dominate the game in the VMFL. After 3 seasons under the tutelage of Steve Johnson, “The Hitman” came into his own in Madden Bowl 4 with a record-breaking performance, snaring 3 Troy Aikman passes in a 40-9 route of the ’92 Dallas Cowboys.  Blessed with speed, hit power and deadly instincts, Atkinson struck fear into opposing WR’s who dared enter his domain. His last game in the VMFL came in Season 5 when his 1977 Raiders were upset by the ’98 SF 49ers in overtime in what became known as “The Bounty Bowl.” His ascension started a trend toward defensive play and defensive MVP’s in Madden Bowls.


(1965 Cleveland Browns)

Inducted August 27, 2013.

Inducted August 27, 2013.

1 Final    1 Championship     5-0 Career

Madden Bowl 5 MVP

Jim Brown was the first HB to dominate in the VMFL after 4 seasons of passing attacks controlling games. Brown’s prowess in the Madden Bowl 5 tournament was nothing short of heroic as he punished defenses for 100+ yards in 4 of his 5 games. Teams knew what was coming and were powerless to stop it. Browns crowning moment came in the closing moments of Madden Bowl 5, facing a 3rd down late in the game against Coach Steve Johnson and his vaunted ’92 Cowboys squad, Brown plowed through a weary Cowboy defense for the conversion. As in real life, Brown retired from the VMFL prematurely, as EA and Madden discontinued its historic teams, cementing Browns legend as the only undefeated MVP in league history.

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