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The VMFL has a strong and proud history and to support this fact, the League Statistics Office has produced several documents for everyone’s enjoyment. The first that is being released is the VMFL All-Time Leaders in every major statistical category, from individual season reviews, to individual player performance. The second document to be released will be a complete list of every player’s stats who has ever pulled a VMFL jersey over their shoulders. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed producing it.


Most Yards/Game706Drew Brees- Oakland Raiders (vs Chicago Bears)Trenten Simmonds13
Most Yards Passing/Season3962Ben Roethlisberger- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell12
Most TD Passes/Game9Robert Griffin III- Cleveland Browns (vs Chicago Bears)Derek Thomson15
Most TD Passes/Season43Robert Griffin III- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson15
Highest Passing % Season0.791Robert Griffin III- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson14
Highest QB Rating/Season147.9Robert Griffin III- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson15
Highest Yards Per Attempt/Season13.7Robert Griffin III- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson13
Most Interceptions/Game8Troy Aikman- '95 Cowboys (vs '74 Raiders)David McDowell2
Peyton Manning- Philadelphia Eagles (vs Oakland Raiders)David Ross12
Drew Brees- Oakland Raiders (vs Chicago Bears)Trenten Simmonds13
Most Interceptions/Season46Drew Brees- Oakland RaidersTrenten Simmonds13
Most Yards/Game298Chris Johnson- Chicago (vs Philadelphia)David McDowell9
Most Yards/Season1323Steven Jackson- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson14
Most Rushing TD's/Game4Chris Johnson- Chicago (vs Philadelphia)David McDowell9
Maurice Jones-Drew- Oakland (vs Dallas)Trenten Simmonds14
Most Rushing TD's/Season15Adrian Peterson- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross15
Most Rushing Attempts/Game35Steven Jackson- Cleveland Browns (vs Indianapolis)Derek Thomson10
Most Rushing Attempts/Season245Steven Jackson- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson10
Highest Rushing Avg/Season8.2Chris Johnson- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell9
Most Fumbles/Game3Michael Turner- New York Giants (vs Cleveland)Rob Suffron9
Most Fumbles/Season8Adrian Peterson- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross7
Most Receptions/Game19T.Y. Hilton- Chicago Bears (Semi-Finals vs NE)David McDowell19
Most Receptions/Season92Jason Witten- Dallas CowboysBryan Abernethy14
Most Receiving Yards/Game288Roddy White- Indianapolis Colts (vs NYG)Trenten Simmonds9
Most Receiving Yards/Season1396Calvin Johnson Jr.- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross13
Most Receiving TD/Game4Michael Irvin- '92 Cowboys (vs '83 Redskins)Steve Johnson2
Brandon Marshall- Cleveland Browns (vs Dallas)Derek Thomson15
Brandon Marshall- Cleveland Browns (vs Chicago)Derek Thomson15
Tony Gonzalez- Oakland Raiders (vs Dallas)Trenten Simmonds15
Tony Gonzalez- Oakland Raiders (vs Philadelphia)Trenten Simmonds15
Torrey Smith- Chicago Bears (vs Cleveland)David McDowell15
Odell Beckham Jr.- Chicago Bears (vs Philadelphia)David McDowell18
Odell Beckham Jr.- Chicago Bears (vs Oakland)David McDowell18
Most Receiving TD/Season21Brandon Marshall- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson15
Highest Receiving Avg/Season29.1Calvin Johnson Jr.- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross11
Most Drops/Game4Roddy White- Oakland Raiders (vs NYG)Trenten Simmonds13
Vernon Davis- Oakland Raiders (vs NE)Trenten Simmonds13
Most Drops/Season13Vernon Davis- Oakland RaidersTrenten Simmonds13
Rush/Rec Combined#PlayerCoachSeason
Most Combined Yards/Game347Chris Johnson- Chicago Bears (vs Philadelphia)David McDowell9
Arian Foster- Oakland Raiders (vs Dallas)Trenten Simmonds13
Most Combined Yards/Season1826Steven Jackson- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson11
Most Combined Yds/Season+Playoffs2168Steven Jackson- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson11
Most Combined TD/Season22Chris Johnson- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell13
Most Tackles/Game18Bobby Wagner- Cleveland Browns (vs Dal)Derek Thomson19
Most Tackles/Season118Bobby Wagner- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson19
Most Tackles for Loss/Game8Robert Mathis- Philadelphia Eagles (vs NYG)David Ross10
Lavonte David- Philadelphia Eagles (vs Dal)David Ross15
Most Tackles for Loss/Season28Terrell Suggs- New York GiantsRob Suffron11
Most Sacks/Game6Robert Mathis- Philadelphia Eagles (vs NYG)David Ross10
Most Sacks/Season17Terrell Suggs- New York GiantsRob Suffron12
Aaron Donald- Dallas CowboysBryan Abernethy18
Most Interceptions/Game4Charles Woodson- Dallas Cowboys (vs NYG)Bryan Abernethy12
Luke Kuechly- Chicago Bears (vs Oakland)David McDowell16
Most Interceptions/Season10Mike Huff- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross12
Earl Thomas III- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell12
Most Pass Break-Ups/Game6Asante Samuel- Cleveland Browns (vs Chicago)Derek Thomson7
Johnathan Joseph- Chicago Bears (vs Oakland)David McDowell13
Most Pass Break-Ups/Season21Asante Samuel- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson7
Most Forced Fumbles/Game3James Harrison- Philadelphia Eagles (vs Indianapolis)David Ross10
Most Forced Fumbles/Season6James Harrison- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross10
Most Fumble Recoveries/Game2Asante Samuel- Oakland Raiders (vs Chicago)Trenten Simmonds14
Most Fumble Recoveries/Season3Antonio Cromartie- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser7
Brian Orakpo- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser11
Clay Matthews Jr.- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser11
Tamba Hali- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell11
Most Blocked Kicks/Game2Joe Haden- New York Giants (vs Chicago)Rob Suffron10
Orlando Scandrick- Dallas Cowboys (vs Cleveland)Bryan Abernethy19
Most Blocked Kicks/Season3Ike Taylor- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson10
Most Safeties/Game1Many With One (1)
Most Safeties/Season1Many With One (1)
Most Field Goals Made/Season27Greg Zuerlein- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson18
Most Field Goals Attempted/Season30Greg Zuerlein- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson18
Highest Field Goal % /Season100%Mason Crosby- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser10
Blair Walsh- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell14
Greg Zuerlein- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson15
Stephen Gostkowski- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser15
Greg Zuerlein- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson16
Stephen Gostkowski- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser19
Longest Field Goal (Yards)63Blair Walsh- Chicago Bears (vs NE)David McDowell14
Stephen Gostkowski- New England Patriots (vs CHI)Danny Fraser19
Most Points/Season112Stephen Gostkowski- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser7
Most Punts/Season56Brandon Fields- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross18
Highest Punting Average/Season52.2Mike Scifres- Dallas CowboysBryan Abernethy19
Highest Net Yards Average/Season45.9Jon Ryan- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson12
Most Punts Inside 20/Season17Mat McBriar- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell10
Longest Punt93Pat McAfee- vs Philadelphia EaglesTrenten Simmonds17
Longest Punt Return85John Brown- New England Patriots (vs Dallas)Danny Fraser19
Most Punt Return TD/Season1Several Players
Highest Punt Return Average/Season26.4John Brown- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser19
Longest Kickoff Return107Percy Harvin- New England Patriots (vs Chicago)Danny Fraser15
Most Kickoff Return TD/Season3C.J. Spiller- Philadelphia EaglesDavid Ross9
Reggie Bush- Chicago BearsDavid McDowell15
Travis Benjamin- Cleveland BrownsDerek Thomson19
Most Kick Return TD/Game2Travis Benjamin- Cleveland Browns (vs Dallas)Derek Thomson19
Highest Kickoff Return Average/Season40.4Percy Harvin- New England PatriotsDanny Fraser7







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