CLEVELAND BROWNS Man Games Missed- 0 . None . Injured Reserve None . NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Man Games Missed- 0 . None . Injured Reserve None . OAKLAND RAIDERS Man Games Missed- 0 . None . Injured Reserve None . CHICAGO BEARS Man Games Missed- 0 . None . Injured Reserve None . DALLAS COWBOYS Man …

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Tuesday August 18, 2017. PLAYERS CURRENTLY ON WAIVERS . NONE . CLEARED WAIVERS LIST NONE .  Waiver Wire Order~ Week 1 1. CHICAGO 2. PHILADELPHIA 3. OAKLAND 4. DALLAS 5. NEW ENGLAND 6. CLEVELAND The following are the players eligible to be replaced by Free Agent signings. Please note the positions when signing a new player. Also, remember that …

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Free Agent Signings (During Season) Here are the rules regarding signing a free agent during the season, including playoffs. #1. You can only sign Free Agents when one of your players becomes injured for 1 or more games. (This was instituted to stop teams starting their draft early if they were out of playoff contention or otherwise. The Draft …

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Coming in October 2017

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Updated SATURDAY AUGUST 5, 2017. Note: This update reflects the completion of the Free Agent and Player Draft Night at McDowell’s house. . SEASON 20 PLAYER CONTRACTS . ~Contract Years Available~ . CLEVELAND- N/A . NEW ENGLAND- N/A . OAKLAND- N/A . CHICAGO- N/A . DALLAS- N/A . PHILADELPHIA- N/A  

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SATURDAY JANUARY 7, 2017. Fellas, The FINAL roster update of our season has arrived and posted below. The “Week 12 Ratings Update- (EA “WILD CARD”) file will also be used for our VMFL playoffs. Thank God….because my eyes are bugged out of my head from sorting through that website! . WEEK 12 RATINGS UPDATE- (EA …

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