Free Agent Signings

(During Season)

Here are the rules regarding signing a free agent during the season, including playoffs.

#1. You can only sign Free Agents when one of your players becomes injured for 1 or more games.

#2. Free agents MUST have a minimum of 2 years NFL experience. This number is listed at the top of their player card/profile on the Madden game. (Please do not refer to or any other website to get this number!.)

#3. Teams must wait until the completion of ALL GAMES each week. So if the last game of the week takes place on Thursday that week, then teams can email the Commissioner starting Friday morning. Free Agent signings are based on WAIVER WIRE ORDER.

#4. All Free Agent claims must be sent to the Commissioner by Sunday Night at 11:59pm or they are not eligible for the next week’s games. (Exceptions may and will take place during weeks when personal schedules dictate that all games cannot be played that week or when a team is having to play 2 games in one night to “catch up” with the schedule.)

#5. The length of contract for a free agent MUST accompany your email or The Commissioner’s Office will deem it as ONE (1) year in length.

#6. Free Agents signed during the season are not eligible to be placed on the Taxi Squad even if you have a space available.

#7. If you do sign a Free Agent, then your team drops to the bottom of the Waiver Wire List. (Your team DOES NOT move down in the Waiver Wire Order if you sign a player from your Practice Squad.)

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